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New Clio car's worlwide launching on the Hexdalle XE tiles

FRANCE CONSTRUCTION is the first French manufacturer to reach NF EN 71-3 standard.
This standard specifies the requirements for children toys safety. It certifies that several elements (such as heavy metals) present in industrial polymers cannot represent a threat for children health, in case of ingestion, licking, suction or prolongated contact with skin.
These successful tests have been leaded by Labosport, an independant certified laboratory, who is famous for its certification for several international standards.
The complete results of the tests are available on the tab « Documentation », as all our technical documentation and tests results.

The yearly production of Hexdalle® tiles and accessories, enables to recyclate 350 000 used tires, that will not be throw away into dumps, or worst, into the nature !

Beyond the words, this fact shows that FRANCE CONSTRUCTION is deeply involved in the sustainable development of its products.
In this way, Hexdalle® products are endless recycled and recyclable.

All the FRANCE CONSTRUCTION’s team insures a strict quality control from begining to the end of the production.

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